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East Bend Leadership

Pastor: Luke Rosenberger

Pastor Luke has been East Bend's Lead Pastor since 2019. He and his wife, Ellen, have six children: David, Emily, Lucy, Elizabeth, Annie, and Amanda.

Luke and Ellen met on the mission field where they both served as missionaries in Managua, Nicaragua. After getting married and starting a family, the Lord called the Rosenberger family away from Nicaragua after 12 years of ministry. He led them to move to Colorado where Luke earned his MDiv at Denver Seminary.

Luke loves the Lord, is passionate for teaching people about Jesus, enjoying time with family, playing sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, skiing, soccer, etc), board games, and watching football and basketball games.

Contact Luke at pastor@eastbend.org

Secretary: Angie Beachey

Angie has served as the Secretary at East Bend since 2008. Angie and Ken have two adult children and love serving the Lord. Ken serves on the Elder Board and both can be found lending a hand wherever it's needed.

Contact Angie at secretary@eastbend.org

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Elder Board

Kenny Beachey

Duane Eby

Ken Hieser

Mark Ingold

Greg Liestman

Missional Leadership Team (MLT)

Administration: Mike Sommer

Worship: Ellen Rosenberger

Missions: Rich Schrock

Discipleship: Susie Oyer

Fellowship: Jayne Eby